21 Day Fix Detailed Review

If you are reading this then you have probably heard of the transformative fitness program known as 21 Day Fix. This Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody innovation seeks to cut down fat and build muscle using a 3-phase workout, a detailed nutritional guide, and a selection of steroid-free supplements.


All of this takes place over a 21 day period, in which you work 6 days a week and take 1 day off. But are the amazing results associated with 21 Day Fix true? Can you really bulk up using this program? These are the questions that we will try and answer below.

21 Day Fix Short-Term Results

The 21 Day Fix program is perfect for scrawny individuals who are struggling to pack on the pounds (hard gainers). This is because this fitness program has been specially crafted to increase muscle mass as quickly as possible, using old school and new school bodybuilding techniques not found together anywhere.
Therefore if you carefully follow the instructions laid out in this program, you should expect to see defined muscles, reduced fat levels, and increased muscle size in the short-term. This increased bulking should be most prominent in your arms, chest, legs, and back.

You should also realize that these amazing gains are not only as a result of the dynamic set training that dominates the program, but also because of the correct nutrition, and 21 Day Fix supplements included in the package.

However, this program is not a magic kit. If you use the premise that men can only create 0.5 to 0.75 pounds of muscle tissue a week without artificial growth hormones, this means that you can add 6-9lbs of muscle in 3 months (the average muscle gain for 21 Day Fix testers was 10lbs in 3 months).

Therefore, you will need to constantly work at it to benefit from the muscle gain goals you have been aiming for.

21 Day Fix Long-Term Results

So what happens when the 21 days are up? Should you stop following the program? The answer in this case is NO! There are still long term gains to be had if you keep following the program once the 3 months are up.

You need to realize that although hammer and chisel will help you bulk up; you should not expect colossal results in only 3 months. If you continue working on this program once the 3 months are up, you can expect to see big and consistent gains when it comes to muscle size.

Real Results

While it is all well and good to read about the short-term and long-term gains of the program, it might serve you better to read some quantifiable results from people who have gone through the program.
There you have it, the results of the 21 Day Fix program. Using these results you can determine whether or not this program is great for you and your fitness needs, and if you decide to try out the program, best of luck on achieving your goals.

If you are reading this right now then I can assume that you are getting ready to begin the amazing 21 Day Fix program. This fitness program features some of the most intense and challenging workouts out there, which will test the strength and power of your muscle like never before.

As you already know, this program aims to cut down fat and build lean muscle, in addition to increasing your muscle size. Like any bodybuilding program on the market 21 Day Fix does require equipment when executing some of the workouts.

Thankfully, the list of equipment required is not extensive or expensive, and below we will look at this list in greater detail.

Necessary 21 Day Fix Equipment

1. Weights dumbbells: Weights are definitely the number one piece of equipment you should buy when you start the 21 Day Fix program. The bodybuilding workouts found in the program require you to lift, and you can choose how heavy you want your weights to be depending on your fitness goals.
I would recommend for you to purchase adjustable weight dumbbells, so that you can quickly and easily adjust the weight you are lifting during sets. Additionally, have a pair of small dumbbells (5-15lbs) for warm up exercises.
2. A stability ball: As you may already know, stability balls are used to strengthen your core. By adding an inflatable stability ball to your workout, you can prompt stabilizer muscles to become dynamic during your workouts.
3. A resistance band or a chin-up bar: A resistance band or a chin-up bar will help you develop strength in your arms, shoulders, and back. The band or bar should have multiple grip positions, so that you can easily carry out multiple exercise and multiple reps.
4. Adjustable weight bench (work bench): A weight bench allows you to perform upper body exercises, in safe and secure conditions. The bench you should use should be adjustable so that you have versatility in the workouts you can perform.

P.S. You can choose to have a stability ball or an adjustable workbench; you do not need to have both.

Optional 21 Day Fix Equipment

1. EZ curl bar: This curl bar aims to fully work out your biceps and forearm muscles, while reducing the possibility of a stress injury. The bar you should choose should come with sturdy spring collars that will tightly hold the bar in place as you execute your lifts.
2. PowerStands: You might not be familiar with PowerStands but there job is to help you strengthen and define your upper body muscles through push-ups without straining your forearms or wrists. Choose heavy-duty stands with non skid-bases for added safety, as well as foam-grip padding for maximum comfort.
3. Gloves: Fitness gloves are extremely helpful when lifting weights, as they protect your hands from injury in addition to enhancing your grip as you lift. Select gloves that have padded palms for increased comfort, Velcro straps for a secure fit, and a sweat guard to prevent the gloves from becoming slippery.

As you can see, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home when you take part in the 21 Day Fix program. Using this information provided above you can now get yourself set up for the 21 Day Fix workouts that will transform you body.
Best of luck on your journey!